Clear reasons

White Stone Advantages

Clear reasons

White Stone Advantages

White Stone provides a series of advantages as we can see below:

An extra-special guaranteed

It is a house that has been designed by one of the most prominent architects in Southern Spain for his own enjoyment during the summer months. Valentin de Madariaga firm is renowned throughout Spain for the quality of and devotion to their projects.It is always an extra-special guaranteed to know that it has been designed for the architect himself.

High quality

This is not a promotional new-build, where the promoter sometimes tries to profit from the investment made.The house has been constructed with top-of-the-range materials and unbeatable quality and profit margins have never been a consideration.

Investment 100% guaranteed

The house was built in 2007.  Over the last few years, we have been able to witness the quality of the build, as the house is in exactly the same condition as it was then.  Not only that: even more little details have been added, so your investment would be 100% guaranteed

All companies actives

Both the studio and architect himself, together with the construction company and others who have worked on the house are still 100% solid today – top professionals who will always be nearby whenever you need them.

Enlargement possibility 

The house occupies 1,100m2 and can be expanded to occupy a further 1,600m2. If you desired, another storey could be added on top, as the house comes fully prepared for this option.

Architecture & Interior design connected

The combination between architecture and interior décor is simply stunning.The architect and the interior designer are in fact married and spent a lot of love and affection – and time – on the design and décor of their home.

Ready to live 

Suppose you decide to make it your home tomorrow… you have the opportunity to purchase the house fully-furnished.The works of art will be valued as separate items.  Should you take a fancy to one, we are sure you will be able to come to an agreement.  The house boasts a collection of contemporary art, with part of a private collection on display.

Direct contact with the seller

At the moment, you are in direct contact with the seller.Any doubt that you may have may be posed to us directly.